The Boogie Man

. The General also shares his theory on the disappearance of Chandra Levy. from July 2001.(0:10:26)

Blocking Out The Sun

Along with the new Peenman Enterprises laser beam security system, Art talks with General Johnson Jameson about the strange phenomenon of the sun disappearing in the later part of [...]

The Debut Episode

In his debut episode on the Phil Hendrie show, Art Bell and guest General Johnson Jameson (or is that Jameson Johnson?) discuss a variety of conspiracies, ranging from X-Ray Vision [...]

The Invisibility Ray

From the security of his Montana bunker, General Johnson Jameson relates the sad tale of how the CIA stole his Invisibility Ray and broke his ass. Includes commercials for Peenman [...]

Live from Area 51

Art Bell listens in as General Johnson Jameson invades the top-secret Area 51 Military Base, only to make a rather disappointing discovery.(0:08:00)

Mission to Mars

March 12th, 1999 - Art's special guest General Johnson Jameson has had enough of aliens screwing around with the Mars Global Surveyor. Protected by his Chrome Butt Cover, he's [...]

The REAL Art Bell

August 31st 1999: Who do you listen to, Art? The real Art Bell shares on his program that he's a big fan of a 'crazy man in Los Angeles'.(0:01:47)

The Ass Purse

Peenman Enterprises and Art Bell offer this fine product to protect your valuables during Y2K urban rioting. They'll never think to look up your ass.(0:01:15)

Donner Party for Two!

Art Bell and Peenman Enterprises introduce the only cookbook you'll ever need if you just happen to get stranded in the Andes or the Sierra Nevadas with little more than your [...]

The Puke 2000

Peenman Enterprises and Art Bell shill this fine new product to help recycle your beer at upcoming New Year's Eve parties!(0:00:49)

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