Art Does Phil

Straight out of retirement, Art decides to change the format of his show from U.F.O.'s and Monsters to taking calls from imaginary guests that he himself does the voices [...]

Art…I Think I Got A Flat

Art Bell joins the program along with General Johnson Jamieson. The General was about to embark on the "Jamieson 3 Spacecraft Mission." By shrinking himself down with goblin juice [...]

Bitchin’ Camaro

Ted Bell says that when you drive behind a high performance vehicle on the freeway you've gotta show some respect and get out of the way!! from KFI.(0:35:47)

Blocking Out The Sun

Along with the new Peenman Enterprises laser beam security system, Art talks with General Johnson Jameson about the strange phenomenon of the sun disappearing in the later part of [...]

Car Farts

Ted Bell is upset at his nephew for farting in his brand high performance vehicle.(0:10:57)

Diorama Kids

Ted Bell has an idea for his new Beverly Hills Children's Museum: he wants parents of dead children to donate their kids' bodies to the museum, where they will be stuffed, mounted, [...]

Do You Know Your Kids Password?

Ted Bell says that until he can get ahold of his son's PASSWORD, he will never be able to control his kid. Afterall, a password is a key to a childs domain! from July 2003.(0:31:16)

Do Your Legs Float?

Ted Bell does not want his NBA Lakers tickets to go to handicapped children because he believes the famous people sitting around him might think that the kids are malformed from [...]

Dodger Season Tickets

Ted wants the Dodgers send out renewal notices to season ticket holders with a note that says, "By the way, Shawn Green is Jewish." from Sept 2004.(0:30:42)

Don’t Move In To My Neighborhood!

Ted seems to have a problem with even the thought of Hispanics moving into his plush neighborhood! And did you know Mr. Bell owns a dog named "Taco"?(0:03:33)

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