I Raped A Man In A Wheelchair

Steve Bosell reveals that in 1985 he forced sex on a male college student. Steve feels that he was not interviewed by the media because he's white. from August 2003.(0:27:53)

Jerry Lewis Telethon

Steve Bosell claims that Jerry Lewis looks like a monster and scared his kids... monsters like him should stay off television. from September 2003.(0:29:08)

John On The Upstroke

Steve Bosell got pulled over for weaving around in traffic, he claims he just got bored because John & Ken were off the air and so he decided to relax himself. Harvey Wireman [...]

Leader of the Pack

Construction worker and aspiring comedian Steve Bosell wrote a satire song for Rush Limbaugh called "Leader of Iraq." Steve says he lost so much sleep writing the song that he [...]

Love & a 2×4

After being turned on by an Asian girl with a large chest, Steve Bosell attempts to pleasure himself in the knothole of a 2-by-4. Suffering from splinters from the incident, he now [...]

Mambo Number 5

Steve calls in to discuss his 16-year-old son who has recently started actively dating. Steve grounded his son because he claims that he’s been rubbing it in his face and [...]

Master of the Ween

During a family trip to the local Roller Skating Rink, Steve Bosell was trying to show off in front of his kids by wearing in-line skates. After falling on his ass, his 12 year old [...]

Midget Cops Just Ain’t Right!

The 9/11 Tragedy, Steve has been so freaked out that he thinks the kids dressed up as police and firemen for Halloween might just be midgets working undercover!(0:03:37)

My Lesbian Daughter Hit A Homerun!

Steve Bosell is taking legal action against his lesbian daughter because she hit a home run at a staff softball game last weekend. from April 2003.(0:28:54)

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