Do You Mind If I Put These Handcuffs On?

Clara Bingham claims her nephew was roughed up by an LA County sheriff. According to Mrs.Bingham and her attorney Harvey Wireman, blacks are to be treated better in arrest [...]

Fearing Alzheimer’s

Harvey Wireman fears he's in the beginning phase of Alzheimer's. From July 2000.(0:18:05)

Fertility Drugs

Phil opens up the lines for listeners to comment on the lady in Iowa who gave birth to seven children as a result of taking fertility medication. from KFI November 1997.(0:35:30)

Freedom to Commit Felonies

Cadet RC Collins feels that the military should get the privilege to commit crimes and take drugs. Featuring Harvey Wireman, Lloyd Bonifide, and a caller that sounds just like [...]

Harvey’s Take On Blake!

With the highly publicized news of Robert Blake now being held for the murder of his wife, Phil is joined by Harvey Wireman to discuss details of the case. from April 2002.(0:07:34)

Helen, You’re On The Air!

Bob Greene is outraged by recent news that one of his close friends was picked up for a double murder that he committed in the 70's. Mr.Greene and his attorney Harvey Wireman [...]

Is Pipe Bombs All That Bad?

Phil is joined by attorney Harvey Wireman and 16-year-old R.C. Collins in another Round Table discussion. from May 2002.(0:09:03)

Jack & the Beanstalk

The Phil Hendrie Afterschool Special production of "Jack In The Beanstalk" starring RC Collins, Margaret Gray, Harvey Wireman, and Jeff Dowder. from October 2005.(0:09:00)

Jail Time For Christian Slater

Ralph calls in to talk about movie star Christian Slater going to jail, Attorney Harvey Wireman chimes in. from KFI.(0:47:42)

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