Malibu Mudslide

Harvey Wireman explains a problem he had Saturday night when he had to use the toilet and the pluming was out. from KFI.(0:05:55)

Jack & the Beanstalk

The Phil Hendrie Afterschool Special production of "Jack In The Beanstalk" starring RC Collins, Margaret Gray, Harvey Wireman, and Jeff Dowder. from October 2005.(0:09:00)

Thanksgiving Lies & Deception

Harvey Wireman says his daughter-in-law has got everybody believing she's a good cook because she orders out food every Thanksgiving. from November 1999.(0:22:35)

Is Pipe Bombs All That Bad?

Phil is joined by attorney Harvey Wireman and 16-year-old R.C. Collins in another Round Table discussion. from May 2002.(0:09:03)

Walk on down Vanilla Street!

From back his Miami Days, Phil takes a call from Margaret Grey regarding Phil dating black girls. Then Harvey Wireman chimes in!(0:04:59)

Charlie Chaplin Shot John Lennon

Attorney Harvey Wireman joins the program to discuss Mark David Chapman (convicted for the murder of John Lennon) and his appeal for parole. Harvey seems to be suffering from [...]

Fearing Alzheimer’s

Harvey Wireman fears he's in the beginning phase of Alzheimer's. From July 2000.(0:18:05)

Harvey’s Take On Blake!

With the highly publicized news of Robert Blake now being held for the murder of his wife, Phil is joined by Harvey Wireman to discuss details of the case. from April 2002.(0:07:34)

Never Surrender

From 1994 at Minneapolis' WCCO... A fan of Hendrie's, and a DJ in his own right, auditions his talent for Phil and several of his callers. *special thanks to Brett in Minneapolis [...]

Beached Whales

Jeff Dowder claims that the people pushing the whales back into the ocean in Massachusetts are idiots because that's natures way of weeding out retorted whales! featuring an [...]

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