Bob Green

When I was at WIOD, Miami we had a guy who I thought was the best general manager I ever worked for, Bob Green. A terrific guy who actually would sit and show prep with me, he was a shorter guy, probably around 5’6 and had a higher pitched voice. I took this Bob Green, using his physical attributes but made his personality opposite of the real Bob. He’s a bigot, autocratic and super sexist. Constantly trying to move on women he has an insulting manner and a lousy toupee he calls a “hair system.” We had Bob doing lots of jobs from doctor to restaurant manger but making him a grocery store executive was perfect. A grocery store is a place where we expect respectful, courteous treatment. But Bob turns it into a predators playground. Bob is a character that lends itself to any issues involving women’s rights or employer/employee relations. The voice is one that I have to warm up the throats for since it’s a near “Mickey Mouse.” Trump Bret into character I simply put myself in that narcissistic mind set that says “The world owes me and it’s not paying up. What gives?”

The Wrap Sheet
  • Career. Bob or Robert Green is the CEO of Frazier Foods, a grocery store chain headquartered in Buena Park, California.
  • Napoleon-esque. He is a short man with a toupee that he calls a “$15,000 hair system” that is constantly mocked by his female employees. 
  • He Got Game. Bob is always hitting on his female checkers or customers, saying things like “may I show you where the corn is? They don’t.
  • Biggot Much? He once told a black customer who asked where he kept the “OJ,” “thanks to you people he’s free as a bird.” When the Asian food guy comes to stock  the shelves he plays the Korean national anthem, hoping it will get him better service.
  • Wipe and leave. Bob is also a stickler about his female employees taking long bathroom breaks. So he had a poster made up that he hung on the inside of the ladies bathroom stall doors that is a picture of Bob staring and the words “Come on, break time is over. Wipe and leave.”
  • All the stops. Bob is wealthy but even with his money he can’t get what men to date him. He shows up to Frazier Foods in a limousine, wears big rings, watches and stylish suits but the women laugh at him.

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