Bobbie Dooley

Driving to KFI one night in early ’97,  I heard a woman who was active in a particular political campaign being interviewed. Her voice was flat, tired, and emotionless and immediately reminded me of many suburban women I grew up noticing,; a lot of moms especially my mother. She was speaking on behalf of her husband, but I turned that and made Bobbie the controlling entity and husband (Steve Dooley) the obedient meathead. I made Bobbie sociopathic, absolutely unconcerned with anyone or anything other than herself and gave her a repetitive “uh-huh, uh-huh” while others were talking to show she was only giving the appearance of paying attention.

The final touch was making her sort of MILF’y. Tight capris, three inch heels and completely inappropriate with her sons friends because… well, it figures.

I hate to admit it but I was surrounded by these kinds of people growing up.

The Wrap Sheet
  • Career Aspirations. The president of the Western Estates Homeowners Association, a McMansion, high end gated community in LA’s San Fernando Valley.
  • Background. Late 30s or just 40, Bobbie was an Army or Marine Corp brat she claims her dad was in the Army but them drive onto the El Toro Marine Air Base, quit the Army and joined the Marines.
  • Romance. Met her husband Steve at a beach party in Seal Beach either in high school or just after. Claims the first thing she heard him say was “Anybody want to buy a fake I.d.
  • Three sons, Dylan, Seth and Justin who’ve all been in trouble with the police. But Bobbie can’t see it.
  • Catchphrase. Bobbie has the irritating habit of saying “hmm mmm, hmm mmm, hmm mmm” over and over while others are talking.
  • Hubby. Her husband Steve was raised in California but is from Wisconsin. His father died in Stillwater prison, Minnesota. Steve owns Dooley Landscaping, said to be ‘wildly successful‘ by Bobbie.
  • Class, class, class. Bobbie wears only the classiest couture, including sparkly glasses, high heels, and tight pants.

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