Steve Bosell

This character started as a Deep South NASCAR fan/wealthy Dallas businessman. Steve’s favorite expression used to be “The Daytona 500….the greatest spectacle in racing.

The whole character was the result of my extensive time spent in the south; Central Florida, New Orleans, Atlanta… being around sports fans there. I had the character host his own show on Saturdaynights on WSB, Atlanta and he garnered his own fan base.

When I got to LA, as happened with a lot of the characters, he underwent a radical change. The transplant or transient aspect of LA influenced me changing Steve into a family man, with a construction business, relocated to LA. The tendency of even transplanted people to complain about the expense and general difficulty of living in LA or California influenced the Bosell character. I turned him even further into a crybaby. I thought making a southern dude a real candy ass was a lot of fun. Maybe I have some buried hostility there. Who knows?

All of the frivolous lawsuits that were in the news in the 90’s also gave me the idea of making him such a crybaby he sues everyone that hurts his feelings.

For me Steve’s voice is a day to go and his character is easier to fall into than any I do.

The Wrap Sheet
  • Sued neighbor Roy Hutchins for laughing at him when Steve took a case of KY jelly back to the drugstore after realizing civilization wouldn’t end with Y2k and he wouldn’t be raped by “road warriors.”
  • Sued his daughter’s puppy for peeing on him.
  • Sued his wife April for saying “it looks like you took one off the chin” when she noticed he had a dab of mayonnaise there from a sandwich.
  • Sued his crew chief Cliff Pedigrew for laughing and a putty company for a faulty product after Steve saw a hot Asian chick on a job site and tried getting off by sticking his dick in an outhouse door knothole using the said putty for a lubricant.
  • Sued Roy Hutchins again for growing a gigantic zucchini and showing it to Steve’s wife and daughter, implying it looked phallic.

  • The Phil Hendrie show is the best part of my day. He's in a class by himself! I love having a BSP so I never run out of comedy genius -new, old, archived classics...theres even online live chats. Are you kidding? I'd pay twice the price for it.

    Sue Price
  • "I've been counting on Phil for entertainment and direction for 15 years. I'd put him up against any CNN or Fox News pundit. My Back Stage Pass (BSP) subscription is invaluable as I can access my favorite bits, phone calls or characters at the drop of a hat. Phil's admirable takes on relationships, politics and sports are shared via his "Phil Only" sessions and the official start to my weekend is chatting it up with Phil and fellow BSP members during his Friday Night Chats. Bang For Your Buck Baby!"

    Frank Sidoris (Las Vegas)
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