Classic Hour

Saturday, October 29, 2016

More chat, more Phil, more subscribers from Friday night. Plus Phil pulls a temper tantrum.

The Classic Hour for our BSP’s is from 2004. Steve Bosell is annoyed that people in his office who lost a home in the California wildfire get sympathy, but no one is sorry for his broken leg. Entirely understandable.

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    The Classic hour w/ Bosell is hilarious!

    “Lady in Reeeeeddd…” Lmao

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    With all does respected, where’s the Elcott man? These Sunday mornings are now devoid of Lions football and The Next Step. I’m a BSP 4 Life. I’ll take your Sunday morning farm fresh over anything. I beg of you. Please, give me the overloards.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Elcott may be back or may not. We’re featuring live stuff on Sunday now

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    LOL “go back to your own neighborhood”

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    Hey Phil! I have only made it to one live BSP chat but I appreciated your comments about racism and sexism and just general creepy behavior. I love the show as always and am in a long time fan <3

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    where is my Saturday movie ? they are the best . give me Bud or R.C…. there is no better afternoon ……since OR Ducks are not playing this year . go ducks

  • ron

    P.H. I’m on board until the wheels fall off this bitch as the product which you deliver far surpasses all of the operating difficulties that we all encounter.

    Notwithstanding, i’m sure the New York fans would enjoy a live appearance as I know I would.

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