Bar Fight Showdown Finals

The Bar Fight Showdown Finals

From Ted Bell’s supply warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, it’s the Bar Fight Showdown Championship between Margaret Grey and Pastor William Rennick. Both fighters survived 2 preliminary bouts to get to this championship fight. Jack Eigagder, General Gaylen Shaw and Joe Dickhead call the action…

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    Hey, can anyone help me find the other Bar Fights. I’ve looked from Jan 2017 to end of last year. Appreciate it. Thanks

  • Tensai

    Glad to hear Dr Kibble is still around with his detox centers.

  • Tyrone

    This is AMAZING! Thank you Phil, made the entire year’s subscription worth it

  • DavidH

    I watched the bar fight with Bud Dickman and when Joe announced that most of his experience was in the football area, Bud remarked “Ha! He just said ball area!”. So, I hit him with my notes.

  • richard seanez
    richard seanez

    Phil it was awesome. Margaret the fight champion. Please bring back art bell vs general Jameson. Please give these two a fight to prove finally who is goblin juice champion Thank u Phil it was an awesome fight

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    Barfight truly amazing! And entertaining. Phil, even watching the video to see the magic taking place,
    still can’t believe you’re able to pull this off. Pure talent and awesome board skills.

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    I think Margaret might like a shot at Phil. Just sayin’.

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    David Samarin

    The fix is in. How much did Frank Grey pay off the judges?

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    What a title fight. Can’t wait for another set of fights, maybe bring on some other characters?

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