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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Our Friday night chat is here, with all kinds of behind-the-scenes…. it ain’t pretty.

The BSP Classic Hour from May 2006. Gay man and gay journalist Doug Dannger conducted a survey to see what the public thought was more important, him coming out of the closet… or the movie the Da Vinci code.

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    Surely you jest… By your definition Bob, what’s being a better man? Here are three questions for you. Does being a better man include:
    1. Walking into the changing rooms of teens that are in a pagent competition for the sole purpose of seeing them naked? At least 4 women have made the accusations and Trump admitted that he has done this in Miss America competitions as well.
    2. Sexually assaulting women (and bragging about it)? There are currently 19 women who accuse Trump of sexual assault.
    3. Cheating on his wife? Besides Stormy there are other women who claim to have had sex with Trump while married.

    And you’re a Republican? I’d expect such hypocrisy from Democrats, and I bet you call yourself an Evangelical too.

    Seriously mate, you are winding me up, right?

  • bobrod

    How dare you talk that way about MY PRES. Trump is a better man that you ever hope to be….

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      MY PRES… do you guys hang out? Go golfing? Eat McDonalds together? Grab women by the p**** together?

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      Trump derangement syndrome

    • P. Allgood
      P. Allgood

      Not so much.

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      He’s a donkeys rear end

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