It’s time for Sunday services with Dr Ed Elcott!

Dr ELCOTT talks with OverLord Igner Jones and has a rare interview with an OverSeer, one who has no body, by the name of Todd Wilson.

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  • Chris

    The brown eye!

  • TwiceRemoved77

    The 4 minute commercial break!!! I was expecting Ed Elcott to say it was so long “because in Elcott, we don’t have bank accounts. Most days, we pay Jerry with toothpicks,” or something like that. OH YEAHHHH.

  • Darren H
    Darren H

    This isn’t about Elcott so I hope I won’t be Leveled, but I just saw your Snapchat about Poncho. Just wanted to wish him and you all the best!

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    Gloria Grover is going to be an OverSeer? That’s insane even for this insane cult! What does Larry thing about this craziness? Hey, thanks for making me have the Bosco Roberts jingle running around in my head Phil. So now I have that one and “Your Clown’s Had It” to try and purge from my mind. The commercials were awesome. I truly hope you are having fun with all the work you put in to entertain us, I appreciate it greatly.

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