Dr. Jeff Dowdder of Cal Tech talks with Phil about a new law in California that will recycle human waste into drinking water. Just what can they do with your “baggie of doo”? The famous “kernel of corn” episode from April 2000.

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    I am laughing so hard. I only heard this on the Best of CD, just now listening to the whole segment.
    “I’m telling you to crap in a bag, take it to the reclamation plant, man, you know have it recycled, bring it home and put it on a taco.” Im dyin over here!! Phil you are the funniest.

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    love the sanitation worker who called up – “what, you think we’re going to follow your piece of corn around the whole system?!”

  • John  In LA
    John In LA

    one of the funniest bits Phil’s ever done…classic, I still laugh every time

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    david bell

    5 star, maybe 6. My favorite episode of them all. “Do the dew”

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