From April 2003, it’s Chris Norton talking about his group Bachelors Anonymous, who believe a single woman can’t enjoy the sex he’s gonna lay on her if she has kids around.

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  • TwiceRemoved77

    I always saw an hour segment with a guest in the old days as an amplifier gain knob and with every sentence a PHS guest says, that knob is turned up just a little bit more. But in this bit, with about 3-4 minutes left when Chris comes out with that the 18 month hold has cystic fibrosis, I felt that knob was moved about 4 notches! So awesome! A+

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    Thomas Wallin

    You are a genius.

  • Nicole McDonald
    Nicole McDonald

    He had set with my sister outside the rusty pelican. She said he was small but in charge and yes faked the ORGASIM

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    Michael Rude

    Just renewed my bsp and this is why. Chris is the man

    • James Gray
      James Gray

      definitely one of the funniest Chris Norton bits. Shoving a kid in a fireplace lol.

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