Don Parsley, professional con man, now tries to play on people’s sympathies for Iraq War contractors. Don claims he’s broke, homeless, and living in the Angeles Forest with his kids. From May 2004.

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    One of my all time favorites. “Jeeeeesus!”

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    Paige Anderson

    This is the genius Phil. He has such great insight into the various characters.

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    Mike D

    Don Parsley sounds exactly like a co-worker of mine back in the 80’s who was raised in a rural suburb of Portland, Oregon and was a Vietnam Vet.

    This co-worker and friend was an honest guy, though…it is just the tone and pitch and inflections sound just like him. It’s uncanny how Phil taps into archetypes.

    It seems to me you’ve got to really have a deep understanding of others to create all these lovable characters, Phil.

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    LMAO #450

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