Herb Sewell, for Father’s Day, talks about when he pushed his loudmouth wife from a moving car. Even after seven years his kids still won’t talk to him! From June 2004.

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  • maury

    Hendrie/Sewell 2016. ‘For a Greater Nation’

  • maury

    I would ask her to Be Quiet…just Be Quiet….. Ahh, huh huh…..you know…..

  • Matthew Risher
    Matthew Risher

    Herb deserves a second chance with society aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Masud

    One of the funniest characters

  • Shaun

    This is before Herb’s crimes got really diaturbing! LOL

  • Brandon Durham

    “The children knew she talked too much.”… I busted a gut, not mine mind you, but a gut none the less.

  • Jeff

    I love this bit,, one of my favs,, one can never have enough,, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,”Herb”

  • Doug Powers
    Doug Powers

    The Herb Sewell character never dissapoints! The ahh, ahhh thing never gets old…especially when the callers sort of notice and pause thinking he’s going to say something. Hilarious!

  • Anton

    WOW I think Herb was onto something there with that last caller Amanda when he kicked Jim out of the car… she simply WOULD NOT shut up! I’d have exonerated him in a second.

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