General Johnson Jameson joins the program to talk about Facility 3, a sect of religious people who believe to have contact with extra terrestrials.

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    Kenneth Beyea

    Igor is great. Yeah daddy!

  • Perry Gore
    Perry Gore

    ROTFLMAO!! For the hundredth time! Just can’t get enough of listening to this one and every Art Bell skit by Phil! You have to have been a big Art Bell fan in order to see the raw humor in these skits, and I was an Art Bell fan for years before I happened upon a late night station that carried Phil Hendrie. Immediately ditched Art for Phil, and then I heard these Art Bell impersonations. They will forever be my favorites to listen to!

    • Anton

      These art bell bits CANNOT be beat. Funny as hell!!

      • Phil Hendrie
        Phil Hendrie

        Good time doing them too! My favorites were any that had General Jameson and Igor

        • Carlos

          Phil, I want to find the Art Bell bit where Gen. Jameson’s ass is possessed by a demon and he has a drunk priest come over his house to perform an exorcism on his ass. Just the funniest Art Bell bit and my favorite. I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it. Thanks man. Fan of your work since you were in Miami in the early 90’s.

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