Pastor William Rennick was Phil’s very special guest as he talked about whether stay-at-home mom’s do actual work or are more self-employed and this can knock off anytime they want. Pasor rennick contended that stay-at-homemom’s have it easier than women who work in a job because they can “take a break, let the baby sit there in a diaper full of doo and have a nougat.” The pastor also said that if a stay-at-home mom got sick to death of it “she could lift the kid above her head like a soccer ball and pitch it off a bridge.”

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police had safety tips for surviving a tornando “based on many hours of sitting relaxed and watching film of tornadoes” Jay concluded that if you see a tornado “don’t do anything. There’s a fifty-fifty chance it’ll blow right by you.” Debbie Daley, the world’s only hearing-impaired radio host, came on to tell Phil that, as a child, she survived a tornando the same way Judy Garland did in the Wizard of Oz; it picked up a house and then dropped it with her in it.

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    Maybe so, but my point is still that the bit got off-track and was less funny because of it.

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    Tornado Alleyists.

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    Dude…the Tornado Alley folks had plenty of other things to worry about than calling an LA radio show even if there were more than a handful who receive the broadcast and care to listen. Not saying the show isn't good, just the reality of Life, Sleep vs overnight radio and millions of internet sites.

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    That Jay Santos bit could've been great if Phil had kept it on track with the original idea (as discussed during the break just prior to that hour). There had to be plenty of Tonrado Alley folks who would call in to dispute and refute Jay's jackball twister tips, but it seemed like the whole bit got sidetracked. And the Debbie Daley character is only funny for about fifteen seconds, if that.

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    The show is improving, and it shows because Phil seems to be having a good time. An improvement would be moving the video cast away from a Flash video to something more universal across platforms.

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