Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police made a quick return this week to talk about the “senior database” he’s compiling. He and his subcommanders will approach any eldely person they see and assess what their end-of-   life accommodation should be. A talkative elderly gentleman belongs in a “psychiatric facility” while a man who “tiny steps” is “tapped out”…that means pull the plug. An old woman holding a box of dry linguini should be in restraints. Jay is doing this as a “citizen physician” because the cost of health care is through the roof. Next up was Art Griego, commercial pilot and as it turns out willing subject in an LSD experiment, who is convinced today’s Tea Partiers were dropping acid “by the handful” back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He said it’s possible, in fact, that Tea Partiers were members of the Manson Family and are now sitting there with their covered dishes listening to speeches from guys dressed as Abigal Adams. Art: “Nothing says Tate-Labianca like fried chcicken.”


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