From his son Josh throwing food on a bus and telling the woman who chastised him to “f*** off you dirty old t***” to the deep-seated insecurities brought on by hearing Soft Cell’s “Sex Dwarf” and “Tainted Love” Ted Bell holds forth from Ted’s of Beverly Hills tonight.

Later, Sholl Heller, from Germany’s Inter magazine, is back on the show to discuss George Zimmerman being granted bail and Zimmerman’s “apology” to Trayvon Martin’s parents…

With David G. Hall and Margaret Grey.

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    What a fucking kiss ass…I think I'm going to be sick, just reading that. Considering all Phil has to do to unmute his broadcast is flip a switch, then yeah he should apologize. SilverScreemer obviously doesn't listen consistently enough to know (a) how often this happens and (b) what a god damned annoyance it is to BSP listeners. Maybe it's acceptable for an amateur radio hour, but not for a professional operation. The answer, of course, is stop muting to begin with. On those occasions where Phil has forgot to mute what he normally mutes, there is absolutely nothing confidential or special about the shit he mutes. So why do it to begin with? Especially if you forget every other hour to unmute a segment?

    Oh, what's that you say? He has great archives? Oooookaaaaay….but that's not the backstage pass experience. The BSP experience is getting to watch Phil do the show and hear the uncensored behind the scenes creativity, frustration, and drama. Without that, there is no true "back stage" element to this subscription.

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    You have nothing to apologize for. The feed was muted, it's fine, you've had a hell of a night.

    I know you have a lot of pressure on you, just, don't snap.

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    Ted Bell:
    “The theory of “you have to go on”…yes Phil, if you push on, we may give birth to an alien coming out of our stomach. But guess what!”

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    Pod cast has been coming, and that's great, but I dont Facebook or effin Twitter, hope that P-casts can be found @ this site somehow. Without going all over the Net to find them. Every fan isnt into all that crapola. Anyone?

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