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Doug Dannger reviews the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions and it ain’t good. Dr Jim Sadler debates Dr Ron Tarner on the value of alchemy.

Our BSP Classic Hour is from February 16, 2004. Bob Green encourages people to rubberneck at accident scenes because it makes them aware of the pain of life.

Episode 616 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    jesse segedy

    “you just said you’d send your monkey looking for me with a spear” im glad i didn’t drink milk during that line, it would have flew out of my nose. lol

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    The hip hop barbecue wing of the rock and roll hall of fame. Unreal

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    Dr. Sadler is black!! Blew my mind. To think the guy who put up his pinkie finger in traffic and went “OHHHHH YEAH!!” is even funnier now! On August 21, 2001 Vernon Dozier told a woman he was black when she called him a Nazi. I love the history of the show Phil!!!

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    “I can hand my chimp a spear, and say the name, ‘…Tarner…,’ he finds his way to your house…and puts the spear right through you.”

    I’ve got a cat who’ll do that, but uses switchblades and needs to be logged in on MapQuest.

  • Robin Hammar
    Robin Hammar

    Rippin’ fast download speeds from Amazonaws…
    Thank you! Nice touch to the site…

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Isaac Newton, though a primary figure in the founding of modern science, did read Alchemy texts. If I remember correctly he spent a large part of this life studying the Occult. Newton was fascinated with the year 2060.

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