We want to thank Vietnam veteran Tim Steelworth for joinging us tonight. Tim is working tirelessly to expose the truth behind “Rise of the Planet of a Ape” which is one more bit of Hollywood flummery seeking to run down America and the human race.

Also thanks to Ted Bell for sponsoring our second hour and making clear that “if they build a stadium downtown I’ll have one of the luxury boxes between the goal lines. Don’t worry about it.”

Our thanks as well to David G. Hall and Jeff Dowder who said the acid Toby Beau dropped before taking pictures at a flower show made the flowers look better…to all of us….

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  • paddyandpeanut

    You had Daryl Weber (sp?) – not Harvey Wireman – and RC Collins doing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone". Harvey Wireman did "Backstabbers" (Nutsuckers). One of my fave bits to listen to on here 🙂 (Mar 2000 Radiothon, I think? I have it bookmarked somewhere)


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    YES! Art Bell!

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    Butt, are you sure you're logged in? Sometimes, it's hard to tell — look for that gray box in the upper right of the web page with your name and "logout" next to it.

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    I can't download shows. They show up as html.

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