First off, after swearing to the BSP’s he wouldn’t mute another segment on the videocast audio, Hendrie did just that in the last hour, trying to blame Bud for it but not convincingly.

Dr. Ron Tarner was also on saying the admission by the US government that Area 51 exists does nothing to tamp down his belief and the belief of others that Area 51 had aliens there and that, further more, they may have sexually assaulted President Eisenhower.

Bobbie and Steve Dooley say they support whole-heartedly the audio Amber Alerts that go to peoples cell phones but the actual sound is so jarring, according to Bobbie, that it makes her rethink wether she even wants to go to the trouble of looking for the kid or just dive into a closet.

Chris Norton and Dr. Jim Sadler discussed Chris Brown’s new sentence of an additional 1000 hours of community service and why it is a guy whose girlfriend has taken him back and is having “sess with him” (in the words of Chris) has to still serve his sentence. The chicks good with him. The court should be too.

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  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters

    Its really great to have Phil back.

  • Avatar

    Another radio psychopath who studies up on his own psychosis. But this one is worth listening to for his unmatched and unique talent for radio theater. Now if he could just write a post it note for un-muting then we’d believe he has opposable thumbs. 🙂

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