Classic Hour

Show Log For Friday August 19, 2016

Bobbie and Steve Dooley call a meeting of their homeowners associatino to deal with the Ryan Lochte “fallout.” Larry Griver comments on the new Trump shakeup, and Herb Swewll talks about privately run prisons.

Plus, our Classic BSP-Only hour!

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Episode 711 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.


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    Andrew Wiley

    Classic hour is Bob Green – he gave his new girlfriend $10,000 blue diamond earrings, and expects oral sex in return.

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    Craig Johnson

    The classic hour is Robert Green, who was a layer rather than a grocer then, talking about the diamonds he gave his girlfriend and yet she didn’t hold up her end of the “oral contract,” wink wink.

  • pyrobaculum

    I agree completely with you about the new show vs. old show Phil. It’s so much better when it’s just you. There’s an old saying (I think?) that it takes a very smart person to play the part of a funny dumb person, and while I of course loved the old show, I found that the callers actually detracted from the show because their opinions were just dumb, not funny-dumb. It seems like the new show gets even weirder and funnier since you have complete freedom and don’t have to work the (real) callers into it.

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