Our apologies, but due to technical issues we regret there is no video of today’s podcast. It will never, ever, ever happen again.

Harvey Weirman tries his hand at a new segment, Sports Flashback, with not much better results than his News Break segment. While Phil interviews Bobbie Dooley about the Jenners, Steve Dooley’s Tiki Dance rehearsal somehow sets off a pile of fireworks nearby. Finally, while investigating people with Ashley Madison accounts, Jay Santos and his Citizens Auxiliary Police sub commanders raid a party being thrown by youth minister Dave Castorini!

Episode 451 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Robert Schroth

    If push came to shove, I suppose I’d vote for the General. Thanks.

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    Frank L.

    I’m not real wild about Elcott either.

  • kevin niren
    kevin niren

    Phil I agree with some of the other fans My favorite character of ALL TIME is Lloyd I have mentioned to you to bring Lloyd back a couple of times the past weeks,,and you did thanks for that,and I do really want him to stay,but I like General Shaw too.Phil I know your feelings on having 2 old coots on the show is too much but some of the best bits in history are when they argue over military topics and who was a bigger bad ass in their past. Im begging you just keep them both,you can make it work 🙂 thank 15 yr old fan and I believe 8 yr backstage passer. Kevin

  • Hesperus

    Loyd could be the Generals man in the field, doing reports maybe with RC too. Hehe

  • Richard Schneider
    Richard Schneider

    Hi Guys,

    I’m for leaving things as they are in regards to the General, Harvey, and Loyd. General Shaw remains the commentator, Loyd continues the mouth siren, and occasional cranky call ins, and Harvey does the news, and his commandant duties, especially the cannon shtick.
    For what its worth, I really don’t care for Elcott the next step.
    Thank you for what you do.

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry


    Did you hear that Don Parsley may be involved in Elcott the Next Step? I knew somebody had to be making money on that deal, and it isn’t Ed.

  • Charles Henry
    Charles Henry

    The General kicks ass on Lloyd, but what if Lloyd goes psycho over the whole thing and Mouth Siren Cop goes full vigilante.

    Also someone ripped off your idea for the Toodle-Loo app.

    You should sue.

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    Paul Brammer

    Lloyd should be sent to live with Chris Norton and work at the Russy Pelican manning the velvet rope

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    donnell jones-lott

    I think Lloyd and the general can both be on the show maybe alternating days or have them to switch out as on sight correspondents or have Lloyd interact with Jay and Dave based on his law enforcement but if it came down too it I like th both but Lloyd would leave the general butt up with a flower in it!!!

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    Don’t mess with the General. He’s the type of soldier that can break off of hold. Let’s see Jay do that!!!!

  • Andrew

    Speaking of show tenure and length… Margaret’s three year anniversary as a full time panelist is coming up in mid to late September. I can dig up the exact date of you want because knowing Ms. Grey, she’ll want to make a big deal about it.

  • Steve Romo
    Steve Romo

    General Rules

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    Hey Phil, I’m usually blacked out (my choice) by the time the chat comes around here on the east coast, but one way to keep Lloyd (my fave!)around is to keep him as a war commentator on Korea. Shit is about to go down between the North and the South…another “civil war”? How can America help in the Antebellum period that is sure to follow? How can two countries with the same “bowl haircuts” hate each other? Me love you long time, John.

  • Brian Seldt
    Brian Seldt

    I believe that the General and LLoyd Bonafide could live in peace together and no one gets axed.
    But if it comes down to one or the other—KEEP THE GENERAL


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