Friday, August 23, 2002

Hour 1: Charlie La Fountain is an ad agency man who wants to use murderer David Westerfield as a spokesman since he has a bad boy image. He could represent Old Spice.

Hour 2: Steve Bosell was unfairly accused of cutting a fart while getting out of a leather seat in a car. The lady said he smells like a pig and he said she smelled like tuna, and Steve says it’s a classic stand-up comedy comeback. He compares the accusations to OJ Simpson’s plight. Should he still remain friends with the family even though they have a golfing tee-off time at 7 am?.

Hour 3: FIRST HALF. Phil talks about Opie & Anthony’s stunts. Phil comments on anti-Bush protests. SECOND HALF. Phil auditioning bands for his birthday party. Lucky Mamas “Dem Changes”, Musidora “Let It Fly”, Violet Vertigo “Freud”, etc. Flashback 2002-08-22a.

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    “We never make it about the victim”… Unless it’s mocking the mentally handicapped, or Chandra Levey, or any other low hanging fruit. I LOVE the dark humor, but I always hated the way it was justified. (fan since 96′)

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