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Friday, August 28, 2009

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Hour 1:

Phil starts with some commentary on gender identity. The Out of Material award goes to Keith Olbermann cause he can't stop talking about George W. Bush. Then he takes some calls. A World according to segment with Roy and Marilyn. Roy wants to talk about Dancing with the Stars and Belinda Carlisle. Marilyn , a pre-surgical, wants to talk about executive bonuses. At the end there is a Dr. Greenthumb report.

Hour 2:

Best of from July 21, 2009.

Hour 3:

Best of from May 2009. David G Hall calls in to say Phil shouldn't take the "gay road". He says the advertisers get nervous when Phil talks about gay people. Then he takes some phone calls. A story of a woman who takes her 13 year old son with cancer to get treatment in Mexico. Another woman tries to pray away her child's diabetes. Stories we couldn't get to.


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