Friday, August 29, 2003

Hour 1: RERUN of 2002-08-27 hour one. Bobbie Dooley Princess Diana show.

Hour 2: RERUN of 2003-07-15 hour one. Cabinetmaker taking porn.

Hour 3: RERUN of 2003-08-04 hour one. Looking for thong underwear at schools.

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    B L Owjabba

    Phil discusses princess Diana with character Bobby Dooley – She is doing a “Princess Diana – My Heart Will Go On” a one woman show for the local school kids. She describes the show in detail. The show opens in stage fog and the sound of a car crash. Diana (played by Bobby) rises up with a steering wheel protruding from her chest and a heart in her hands.

    Character Mr. Austin deMarka talks about his cabinet making business and how difficult it is to maintain dignity working in peoples homes because he sees pornographic materials, skimpy underwear, sex toys, etc. laying around the house. He will remove the offensive materials as it is his right as a Christian to maintain decency. “God does not want a ball gag or strap-on in a home.”

    Jay Santos from Citizens auxiliary police is inspecting the bags of school girls at the mall to check the provocativeness of garments in order to educate the girls of the dangers such garb may cause.

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