Phil interviews Charley LeFountaine about texting while driving and how he was hit head on by a woman someone in HIS car was texting…Steve Bosell wants to talk about domestic spying but can’t take his eyes off some LAFD airplanes that are scooping water from a pond on his property in order to put out a fire further up the canyon. Steve’s okay with that but he doesn’t want them joy-riding and “pressing ham” as they fly by, offending his 12 year old daughter.

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  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    I listened to the last hour of the show over the Internet and it was about 5 am in the morning. The comments of Lloyd Bonafide, especially guys coming towards him with “Moe Howard haircuts”, were hilarious and I was laughing hysterically in bed while listening through ear phones. This prompted my wife to wonder what was I doing? (She usually does the laughing when we are in bed) Well anyway, when Dean Wheeler came on, the hysteria just multiplied. At that moment, I knew I had to renew my subscription. Phil, you are a comic genius! Keep it coming!

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    Dan Green

    Harvey Wireman bit was hilarious. Again, I for one, love the panel format on the current PHS. It’s the perfect parody of other talk shows where the “panelists” sit around kissing the host’s butt and laughing at everything he says.

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