Hour 1:

FIRST HALF. Phil Hendrie’s Take On The News. Web poll result. Umpiring Little League games. Phil says many of the adults need a day job. SECOND HALF. Jim Rome Show. Phil talks about the TV shows that are on.

Hour 2:

Margaret Gray claims to be the first to do Labor Day barbecuing, and she tells callers that she owns the tradition and Americans need to request permission from her. Phil closes talking about the misperceptions of all the crime is in the city.

Hour 3:

Jim Sadler is a veterinarian who says cats are not as evolved as dogs because you can’t walk them. He threw his daughter’s cat out in the street where it was run over by a plumbing van. A cat wouldn’t give you the sweat off its balls if you were dying of thirst. Phil closes promoting the website and a flashback of 2001-08-30 hour one.

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    The convo Margaret had with the lady from NY was hilarious “a poo company ??” And of course , Hurl

  • Barry

    Hour 2 That’s got to be the first woman or person that thought Margaret was delusional and really believed it. She really wanted Margaret to get off the radio because she thought she was having problems. Everybody else will make fun of Margaret and let her stay on the radio

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    nick massanti

    wow! this is a must listen.

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