Phil’s traveling to Chicago for the 26th Annual Morning Show Boot Camp today, so we’ve cut a “Best Of” podcast for your enjoyment! Backstage Pass members will still have a new show this Saturday.

General Gaylen Shaw opened the program with a plug for “boner pills”. Then Chris Norton joined the show to talk about a new restaurant he’s opening, based on Tex-Mex cuisine. Only he calls it Mex-Tex or “Mess-Tess.” The restaurant will feature Wi-Fi, enabling patrons to “sext” each other (send sexual texts). Hence the name Sext-Tex. Or as Chris calls it “Sexx-Tess.” Whatever.

The show’s panel had Cliff King, horse trainer, back on to recap the Triple Crown and it turned into a cluster fuck as Cliff exhibited signs of serious dementia on the one hand and indications he was just goofing everyone with his “I’ll break a metal pole over my head and I’m 77 years old” act.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police talked about water safety this summer, especially in the ocean. The oceans power, says Jay, can “humiliate, exploit and manipulate a person. It can almost drown you and then toss you onto the shore like you’re nothing, with your pants pulled down and your butt in the breeze.”

And the podcast wrapped up with Dr. Ed Elcott’s first guest hosting appearance. Listen to the creation of Elcott: The Next Step, as the good Dr. discusses things such as the “four essential miracles”.

Episode 181 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes

    I really enjoy the new characters line up,Having General Shaw on the panel keeps things clear and to the point, no bullshit, keep
    it rolling Phil, you are the man!!!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thank you Robert. That makes it worth the sweat, man!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    You know why Dr. Elcott’s show is so good, because Margaret’s character isn’t constantly interrupting so sick of that SHIT. That’s why the archive is so much better, I mean her character is worn out, was good when she was on as a guest only.

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