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Friday, December 14, 2001

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Hour 1:

Lloyd Bonafide says SUV drivers and soccer whores are treasonous for consuming Middle East oil, so Lloyd is siphoning gas. A kid rode by on a bike and said "suck it old man!" Phil closes talking about building the website archive, argues with Bud about Nostradamus.

Hour 2:

RC Collins says that kids want guns for Christmas, and if more kids had guns Columbine wouldn’t have happened. Phil closes talking about how Iwo Jima would compare to now, discusses war perceptions, talks to callers.

Hour 3:

Joe Dickhead and the Professor with NFL Picks. Phil describes how a drunken Craig Taylor acts at parties, then talks about Lee Hacksaw Hamilton of KFMB. Callers are surprised the show is fake. Phil talks about the Lord of the Rings movie.


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