Vernon Dozier has issues with priests and Penn State football showing up on TV…if a kid sees either one he might go on a Virgionia Tech rampage…

Jerry Sugar, sports blogger, thinks vanessa Bryant is blowing it by divorcing Kobe..the way Jerry sees it, the ledger sheet is heavy in Kobes favor. She owes him.

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    Cannot get your stream of prior shows to work sometimes. Worked on Friday. Not today.

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    garbage time…

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    your download speeds are bunk.
    can't even get audio stream reliably, but have no problem with other
    DL at 2000 kbs…
    just noting

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    No disrespect to the powers that be…

    How does KFI get the 3hr show with commercials stripped, up for download about 10:15pm, no more than 20 mins after the show ends?

    Is it possible some kind of automation is involved?

    Maybe someone could ask them how they do it.

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