Classic Hour

Friday, December 16, 2016

John Jerryman sings ‘I Remember You’ to the ever groping Agnes. Jeff Dowdder is photographing the most interesting holiday lights, and he’s found some real interesting lights… Bobbie Dooley is writing an etiquette column.

The Classic Hour, from December 2001, stars Margaret Grey discussing rioting by Cleveland Brown fans.

Episode 796 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Warren Siciliano

    Jeff Dowdders girlfriend is named “Debbie Haminhand, her people came from pork” lmfao Phil that was funny.

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    Kip Massey

    I understand the logic relating to Harvey’s newsbreak, even though I personally thought it was funny. But why doesn’t that thinking extend to Frank Grey and his “neurosyphillis?” I wish to Christ somebody would cure him of that once and for all. Talk about something that stopped being funny.

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Can’t argue with that ….

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