Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, came on to talk about an investigative piece he’s done on tracking software for cell phones. Sprint and AT&T are being sued by consumers for placing this kind of software on phones in what they believe is a violation of federal law. Doug says, “as a gay man and a gay journalist,” that they’re just a bunch of crybabies who don’t want to admit they lose their phones alot and need this software. Doug says most people are paranoid that “there’s a camera somewhere watching their wives going to the bathroom.”

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    "When you tell me you are a heterosexual consumer, that tells me that you lose phones."

    There is at least one pearl with every show – thanks Phil

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    A good producer and intern/assistants would have let Phil know that Carpe Diem means "Live For The Day"…"Caviat Emptor means "Let The Buyer Beware"…but…whatever…huh….Let me know if you want a real producer/engineer Phil!…I'll relocte from the bay area and put an end to all this nonsense…ok?

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    phil, that skit with the guy from kern county and the dr, just proved that you have the greatest imagination on earth….that was the funniest thing ive ever heard….YOU DA MAN FOE SHO !!!!!

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    I really hope that u do luv ur job???
    Cause u make my day …….i need a couple laughs in my life.. Appreciate U!!!

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    Wish you'd gone with the new character you developed in the pre-show. Way more interesting to listen to than Doug Danger (yawn). Why did you change your mind? You would have had tons more fun with your show last night if you did it. Of course, Dan and Fred had something to do with fucking things up, didn't they? Final hour was really sad: you told us all off air and on that you hate your job and couldn't wait for the show to be over. This time, no one to yell at but yourself for pulling the crappy news stories at the last minute. You know, you can customize your to pull certain kinds of news (e.g. Strange News, Penn State News, etc.). I know you hate most of your BSP subscribers (and me in particular), but ultimately, we want to see you happy and succeed…you're funnier that way.

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