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Friday, December 20, 2002

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Friday, December 20, 2002

Show Log by Paul Dintino

Hour 1:
Vernon Dozier is a high school football coach who thinks it’s rude to sit in your car with your blinkers on waiting for someone to come in from a store. He thinks it’s fun to screw with people when they do this. Johnny Depp come on to endorse the show (but it’s really Phil)…Phil explains the show. Bob Green from yesterday.

Hour 2:
Phil takes calls from people who are watching the Webcast. Bobbie Dooley from Western Estates Parent/Teacher association is on to talk about “A Christmas Carol.” She finds it to be anti-Semitic. The Bob Heverly show, Bob is filling in and he’s drunk.

Hour 3:
Don Burman from Channel 19 News is having Muhammad replace Santa this year because Muhammad didn’t do anything to have people follow him so he needs to do some work. Football picks. Phil takes more calls.


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