Steve Bosell and Jay Santos talked about a potential lawsuit against the Mexican government for their endless promotion of Mayan civilization. And while Steve and Jay didn’t believe the end was near they did develop what they called a subconscious “residual,” an involuntary glitch in speech or physical manner betraying anxiety over the topic.

Bud milked the whole “Stand By Your Mayan” joke…

Dr. Ron Tarner and Vernon Dozier discussed the advances of ancient civilizations with Vernon saying they were overrated. Modern day people slavishly praise older civilizations as “wise” because “we need our MA-MA’s. ” Dr. Tarner meanwhile was fixated on what he called Dr. Stephen Hawking’s bad taste Polish jokes…

Maragert Grey talked about the Mayan calender actually denoting the beginning of a new epoch in human history, much like the “Age of Aquarius” Frank Grey came on and bemoaned the fact he had a chance to invest in the musical “Hair” all those years ago and turned it down. Margaret then sang “Age of Aquarius” with husband Frank cheering her on.

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  • blouseclowns

    Give it time, they'll deal with themselves. The smartest lemmings just die later than the others.

  • Avatar

    I'm glad to see you're not going to give those f'n trolls any quarter. Those shitheads need to be dealt with.


    ….but if you have the ability to throw yourself off of the bed, then you are not paralyzed. So then it becomes an inability to wake up.


    The more I listen to Phil, the more I realize that I am related to Phil. Sleep paralysis is the latest commonality.

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