Friday, December 31, 2004

Hour 1:

Eric Hester is in production of a new reality television show called Surprise! In his show, the host will approach children and tell them that their parents have been killed. After they capture the reaction of the children, the fear and sadness, the parents will reappear and yell “Surprise,” indicating that it was all just a gag. He hopes to sign a Drew Carey or Ray Romano type to host the program, as it will soften the blow for the youngsters. Eric believes that it is an elevation of the reality genre, as programs like The Bachelor are not real situations for most people. The reality in his show is the reaction on the child’s face as they are told their parents are dead. Callers feel this will traumatize kids, but Eric argues the child will instantly relieved when a parent pops up from the coffin and says “Hey! Let’s go get some shots and beers.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Jim Sadler joins the program to discuss a book he wrote, which is a collection of stories and anecdotes displaying how people have changed as the result of 9/11. As Sadler explains, 9/11 motivated him to get into better shape, and he began working on his body through extensive weight training. Jim has succeeded in his training and now has the physique of a body builder. As the result, he often exercises or sunbathes on his front lawn wearing only a thong brief. Phil argues that it may be indecent exposure, but Sadler claims that anyone who is bothered by his well-oiled body in a thong is still having trouble coping with 9/11. Later, RC Collins calls in to ask Phil about the “Baby Boner Generation” which leads Phil to reflect upon getting older.

Hour 3:

Margaret Gray is on to discuss “Project Aware,” a group she is involved in dedicated to adjusting the English language to become more gender neutral. Margaret reveals that the word that concerns her the most is “women.” The conversation gets really weird as Margaret explains it’s only a matter of time before doctors perfect gender reassignment surgery, and women will have the luxury of attaining male genitalia.

Show log by Kyle Davis.

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    This may be the best Eric Hester bit ever…amazing

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    The gender reassignment bit was HILARIOUS!

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