Casting continues for…well, we can’t say, but that means it’s time for another “Best Of” for today’s podcast. Phil will be back tomorrow for the Saturday BSP-Only show!

Mavis Leonard kicked off the show to comment on the NFL domestic abuse scandals as she was being driven to the funeral of her late pinochle partner Ella Saban. She also was bugging her driver to “pull it up” at a McDonald’s so she could get a quarter pounder with cheese. Ted Bell also got in on the discussion. But the segment went all wrong when Margaret went through the phone on Ted and knocked his “buck tooth bridge” out of his mouth.

Then The gang talked about Scottish independence with Father James McQuarters as Father Staley, in the background, was nodding off. Dr. Jim Sadler joined the fray with his views on Ebola while he was also vaccinating school children at a local mall. The entire thing was interrupted by some 7 year olds that broke into a candy store and made off with the cash register.

Don Berman returned to the show to heap accolades on one Kevin Conroy, the longtime animation voice of Batman, for volunteering to cook for the firefighters and rescuers at Ground Zero during 9/11…Don hung up on Phil at one point and Phil couldn’t get him back on for awhile because no one in the channel 19 newsroom had ever heard of him…

And David G. Hall called from the Bosell family pond where a gunfight breaks out between Steve and, allegedly, a group of “travelers,” or traveling squirrels.

Closing today was Dr. Ron Tarner discussing America’s return to manned spaceflight, by bemoaning what he thinks is America’s target: Venus. He wanted to go to Mars because he’d written a musical about it titled, “A Martian, Though I May Be.”

Episode 266 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    exactly Steven

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    Kerry Chapman

    Even if Phil never did another show live there is SO MUCH good stuff here. As a BSP I am never at a loss for great comedy. Thanks for all you do Phil!

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    Steven Burgess

    3 hour work weeks and enough cash stashed away to produce pet TV projects. Must be nice.
    But you can’t juggle too many pins without dropping a few.
    The originality of his act is gone.
    And listening to old material, good as it is, ain’t worth the tab.
    I feel sorry for him, though — being too much of a coward to admit he is no longer trying at all.
    Real shame.

  • David Comaty
    David Comaty

    Imagine that the guy has to make a living. He’s even doing a Saturday show now so there that makes up for the days you missed, if you are a BSP go listen to some of the old stuff it dosen’t get un-funny!

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    here we go again, every couple of weeks he starts taking off for something for days in a row. here we go…

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