Lloyd Bonafide joined Phil and the crew in studio to sing a duet with Margaret. They started by singing a Charles Manson number, “Home is where you’re happy” and then segued into “Spooky” by the Classics IV. Lloyd’s lyric, “In the cool of the evening when everything is getting kind of groovy. I feel something crawling up the inside of my pant-leg,” caused a big argument..

Steve Bosell joined us for a discussion of PSY, the artist who performed the viral hit “Gangnam Style.” In 2004 he took part in very pointed protests against American military policy. His subsequent apology didn’t assuage Steve who made a horrid Godzilla joke at breakfast that didn’t quite apply given the fact Godzilla attacked Japan, not Korea.

Another recording of Erica Dorton, headmistress at CK Corona Middle School, was heard. In this one she’s on the Bosells voicemail breathing heavy and playing music from the 1958 Godzilla film.

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    whoa. Not good news. If the hint that the one man show has an outline of 'how phil's show evolved', then count me out. Don't care. The radio show of characters doing a skit IS the backbone. The phil part is not the show. A sociopath story about another shrink-going cussing radio guy isn't needed. Would any story about how hannity or combover boy or any other TV or radio head/mouth really sell? Not enough to make it worth it other than ego for the so called celebrity who thinks what they've done by the age of 60 is an accomplishment like every housewife wants their fascinating life told in a book. A one man show that just shows phil creating an improv skit based on a thin storyline with the characters would be worth saving the date for and going. But a 'how I created an average career in radio with a great talent and 6th grade analytical abilities and 8th grade potty mouth mentality" storyline isn't worth the time to do it and the time for listeners to care. The idea of a Phil Hendrie online radio 'channel' with several hosts would be a sellable biz model. oh yeah..and Judge Wyld would be one of those hosts. Sincerely, Judge

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    Phil Hendrie = Radio

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