Hour 1:

Wandering Eye Poetry with Blaine Baxter. Phil talks about Black History Month, and the Entwistle murder case in London. RC Collins asks Phil about Al Lewis of the Munsters, Jeff Dowder joins in to debate. Phil talks about the Google Maps contest, David Hall doesn’t get it. Bing Crosby joins the program to discuss Black History Month.

Hour 2:

Bobbie says the new girlfriend her son Justin has brought home is trying so hard but has it all wrong. Bobbie took her to a tanning booth to get her to stop using self tanning lotion.

Hour 3:

David Hall and Bud Dickman don’t think Phil should have made a certain comment about George Clooney. Phil talks about the My Friends Place / Cirque du Soleil promotion. Phil reads some e-mail and plugs his new essay on the website. The PHS presents: The Blind Bowling Association. Phil talks about the controversy surrounding the Mohammed cartoon. Professor Husband Ginther: man on the movie. Phil talks about Art Shell, Oakland Raiders coach.

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