Margaret Grey is promoting a new program which has celebrities call chronically truant kids and encourage them to attend school. Margaret explains that, of course, children in LA and New York are used to being around celebrities, but kids out in “the hinterlands, the sticks” would get a kick out of hearing from Larry the cable guy, Jeff Foxworthy and, yes, even Charlie Sheen.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police will be out and about this weekend with his sub-commanders to take peoples temperature on the Egyptian situation. If people like what’s going on (Mubarak resigned) then they get “a tip of the pith helmet and we wish them a very pleasant and productive afternoon.” But if they do not like the current situation then Jay says he directs them to “go dark on talk radio and Fox TV.” If they say no they won’t then Jay says yes they will and lets this retorting go on until the person takes a punch at Jay. “That’s the best,” says Jay “Because then we slam them to the cement and get their face right down into it so their mouth and nose are squished together.”

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  • djf750

    Over the weekend I started listening to the old shows and they were brilliant, just as I remembered them. And FUN!

    I was thinking that Phil should go back and listen to them and try to get that magic back.

    Watching the video cast is painful with Phil freaking out and over thinking every bit and then berating that producer.

    I swear if I was that guy I'd tell him to fuck off and walk right in the middle of the show. (then I'd beg for my job back)

    Phil, you are a fucking genius. There are brilliant comedians and brilliant actors out there but you truly are a GENIUS actor and comedian, so please lighten the fuck up and have fun again!

    By the way, in one of your last shows that i just listened to from 2006 you said that if you ever did radio again, you'd pay out 2 g's. Can I pick it up as I live very close to you?

  • jmynatt251

    I'm about done with the "radio for patriots" thing. It makes no sense.
    Either it's an "act" and Phil is pretending to be an arch conservative and he's doing it with a wink to his fans who are in the know, or he's actually trying to adopt it as a personality in order to actually be more like Hannity or Beck or Limbaugh.

    If it's all a put-on, he's not very good at it. The things he says to pass himself off as a conservative basically boil down to calling out liberals and progressives from time to time. It's a poor-man's Stephen Colbert.

    If it is really the personality he wants to cultivate in order to somehow be in the league of Hannity or Beck, then it's not only a bad imitation, but also Phil is waving the white flag of surrender. On his videocasts, he rages against the radio stations who only want conservatives no matter how talented. So rather than be his own man, he's bending to what those stations would want him to believe.

    My personal thought is it's Option A with a little bit of B: Phil is trying to pass the "Phil Hendrie" character off as a dyed-in-the-wool conservative as a performance, but he's hoping the Beck and Hannity fans won't know the difference and will increase his ratings because they'll all love his point of view.

    Problem with that is, as much as he wants to install this "Patriot" theme in his show, he's just not able to sell it. He slips from time to time and takes points of view that you'd never hear from the arch-conservative hosts.

    I hope this "Patriot" theme goes away soon. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that this is just a failed experiment, but if it's the way the show is going to be from now on, I'll be cancelling my BSP. If I want annoying and confusing conservative radio, I'll listen to Dennis Miller, shortly before I blow my brains out.

  • Iron

    *Just a note- I don't mean "Stay the fuck in the USA" as some type of threat if you ever came to Canada. I just mean it as one guy not welcoming you here. You're a funny guy Phil, I've been here for a while, but I can't listen to this bullshit anymore and keep paying for it.

  • laud209


  • mjscales

    I'm disheartened by the attempt at the creation of the conservative "character." What I've always liked about Phil is his independent stance. I realize the need to do something about the dearth of callers, though. I just wish there another way to accomplish it. It's just not the same show I've always enjoyed. I am, however, giving Phil the benefit of the doubt and will give it six months or so to see what happens.

  • mikewla3

    Yeah, let Margaret loose. I was just waiting for her to break out with a song. That would have been hilarious!!!

  • Iron

    More inti-Canada talk. Fuck this shit. I'm cancelling my BSP today. Phil, stay the fuck in the USA.

  • haroldrhansen

    Joyce was great. She should run for congress and be a regular on Phil's show as a character.

    Being brilliant every day is a heck of a job. Keep on making us laugh.

  • DementedCat

    I also felt as if Phil held back a little bit too much with the Margaret Gray bit. Let her loose. You're at your best when you're pushing things to the extreme and greatly offending people.

  • jazzparty

    Thank God Joyce from Houston called into the show during the second hour, because neither Phil or Jay Santos were at the least bit funny.

    And she, unfortunately, didn't call in till 32 minutes into the bit. The first 31 minutes were a complete waist of time.

    And the videocast… if you enjoy watching a fully grown man act like a immature thirteen year old, having a hissy fit, then i guess it could be called entertaining.

    This bit was so bad that it only generated (2) calls.

    Lucky for me however, the archives ARE funny.

    Get it together Hendrie!

  • jmynatt251

    There just doesn't seem to be any joy in the show. Phil doesn't seem to like it. I agree that the news hour is the best part because it doesn't feel so rigid and confined. That's just when listening to it.
    When watching it, it's easy to see how it gets like that. The bits are too driven towards saying something to get outraged callers. So in essence, Phil is trying more and more to get the callers to provide the entertainment of the bit when in the past it was the characters that controlled the dance. Somoene said it right, that Phil and his producer need to go back and listen to the archives. If only they also had archives of the show prep for those years too.

  • jazzparty

    Phil Hendrie is a great COMEDIAN, but when it comes to "political commentary", he is the Michael Moore of radio.

  • Suziki

    Have to agree with son of wilkes (2/11).

    Phil and Jason ought to dig into the archives and listen to the material that drew outraged callers in the past, which was the icing on the cake.

    I thought last night was pretty good, though Phil was upset in that 1st hour. It was so like Margaret Gray to tout Charlie Sheen as a shining example to motivate truants with a wake-up call to go to school. It was so like Jay Santos to use his "skills" in the CAP to guide people's political views about the turmoil in Egypt. The 2 hours were like the material of previous years. The 3rd hour of news is consistently funny because it seems Phil is relaxed and speaks what is on his mind. Give the man credit for knowing history, being well-read and using instinct and common sense as to what is acceptable /non-acceptable in a decent society. However, It is difficult to listen to him second-guess himself, over-think the material, get upset about the callers (or lack of) and then explode on Jason.

  • bill-reg416

    I think we need to get about 3 or 4 hours worth of Phil screaming and cursing at his producer and send the tapes in to the National Association of Broadcasters. Maybe we can get Phil a Marconi Award.

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