General Gaylen Shaw was on the show to talk about the “Omega civilization,” a so-called alien culture that he feels is behind the Russian meteoroid. General Shaw said that their craft burned up in the skies over Russia as they attempted too steep a descent through the Earth’s atmosphere, hurrying to obtain specimens of “earth woman and earth boy.”

Dr. Ron Tarner joined the show to expalin the meteoroid spotted over Russian skies Friday morning. But before he did he wanted to drag it out and make sure scientists got some God d***ed respect and not see all of it going to..guess who?…Stephen Hawking!

Professor Jeff Dowder also weighed in on the meteroid agreeing with General Gaylen Shaw that it is alien-constructed.

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  • DJF

    I don’t mean to complain but the streaming audio is not Friday night’s show.

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    Colleen Coffin

    Thanks for making me laugh.

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    chris willhite

    Great character on the preshow Phil.

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    Donn Scheer

    Thanks alot Alex. Have a great weekend.

  • Alex

    @Donn: You can also find the Bobbie podcasts on the Phil Hendrie Radio site here:

    And we’ll be adding a section to this site for the Bobbie Podcast shortly!

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    Donn Scheer

    Alex, please help me out on the new Bobby Dooley podcast intervie with Patricia Arquette.

    Is iTunes the only way to listen, or as a BSP will I be able to listen on this web site? I’m trying to avoid having to download iTunes?

    Thanks for your help, and also thanks for the early downloads. I really appreciate that.

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