There was no videocast, as our TriCaster decided to quit on us. It should be fixed by showtime on Monday.

This time Jay Santos comes on the show to discuss the safety of travel during the extreme weather both coasts have experienced. But he eventually gets around to demonstrating another dance….this one the “Twine” from Alvin Cash and the Crawlers “Twine Time.” Ted Bell loses a hundred grand in the bit-coin craze and hasn’t got it in him to celebrate his wife’s birthday. He winds up being a huge bummer to all concerned….Phil explains to David G. Hall why the show is leaving the radio platform.

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    david bell

    For the record, there is nothing on like Phil’s show. I did hear Lily Tomlin on Prairie Home Companion yesterday. She was doing characters, but just one at a time. She has a one person Broadway show they said, and supposedly is very good, according to Garrison Keeler. This might prove why Phil’s one man show is an excellent idea.

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    david bell

    I listen to radio all the time. What else can a trucker do? For the most part, all of radio is dead, including talk. How much anti-Obama can one take?There are some bright spots. Yesterday while passing thru Navajo nation in Arizona I heard a program on the Indian channel. The dj was playing rare country songs from the 60’s. He would play a song, and then 10 minutes later, the same song would be played again. I couldn’t tell whether if was a mistake or whether it was planned. He was speaking in his native language. The music was unheard Cash and the like. Very good.

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    Joe Stall

    Thought I heard Margaret’s voice doing a commercial for McDonald’s on the radio. Margaret isn’t expanding her horizon’s with a little moonlighting, is she?

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    Roger Bishop

    For a long time Phil has been saying that talk radio is “dead”. I could not figure out WTF he was talking about. I believe it is dead for him which explains why he is leaving radio and going internet with his shows.
    I hope this change is good for him. He used to be really funny prior to trying out for TV around 2006. Since then his show format and topics kind of suck. Which may explain why we are forced to have to listen to so many fricken “Best Of”.

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