Tonight a discussion of the Golden Globes morphed into a discussion of who has the right to ride in a limousine. For Doug Dannger, entertainment writer for the Orange County Courier, the only people who have that right are wealthy people, movie stars and movie-of-the-week stars. When he sees high school students riding around in limo’s Doug pulls them over and tells them how disgusted he is.

Doug also made it clear he wanted to talk about the Marines in Afghanistan. But no one cared about his opinion; that the Marines only crime was poor toilet training.

Bob Bakian also joined the show to report live from south Florida on Gene Hackman being hit by a car but as soon as his music ended he started talking like he had a brain injury.

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    As a gay man and a gay journalist, Doug is anything but boring…he is first class entertainment for gays and breeders alike! Breeders…the greatest Dannger insult ever!

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    dannger just might be the best

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    Zzzzz. Doug Danngar is boring. He should be run over by a parade of fat clowns on mopeds, just like what happened to Colleen Kristin Brewster.

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    The best line from last years Golden Globes was the very last line.

    As the show was ending, and the camera was pulling back & looking toward the ceiling, as the exit music began playing,..

    Ricky can be heard saying "I want to thank God for making me an atheist."

    Great show Phil, as always.

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