Hour 1:

Phil Visits A Psychic, Part 3: Phil goes back to the psychic to get some more information about the certain death he is told he will face within the next year. Jeff Dowder, Harvey Wireman, Lil’ Ian Anderson, and Bud Dickman attempt to help Phil sort throu

Hour 2:

“Bad Boy on the Block” Restaurant owner Ted Bell calls in after hearing Phil’s comments regarding late night talk show host David Letterman’s heart surgery. Ted warns Phil that if he’s going to talk about Letterman on the air he has to keep in mind that J

Hour 3:

“The Language of Love” Flower shop owner Rudy Canosa joins the program to help Phil write a romantic card to his wife in spanish. Mavis Leonard and RC Collins chime in.

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    Rudy Canosa who talks to that Spanish lady at around 28 plus minutes is hilarious…with the funny sounds he makes with his lips is hilarious as well.

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