Hour 1: Brad Rifkin is selling a diet plan based upon diarrhea called ‘River of Life’. It’s all natural, and Brad is having trouble with his computer but says one ingredient is castor bean.

Hour 2: Vernon Dozier heads a neighborhood watch to look for child molesters, but he’s the only member and he spends time logging the colors of potential victims panties. The famous ”OAKS” bit (R Hutchins).

Hour 3: VARIETY.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Hour 3: Callers played wheel of Hendrie to win a copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Spanish. Then an RC Collins Flashback explaining how he can train a cadre of 10 year olds to hunt down Bin Laden and turn him into a hunting vest. Collins argued with a caller claiming that on 9/11 the caller was sitting on his “sweet country butt” working on “pounding his pecker”. RC challenged Phil to a fight with “knives no shirts”. Phil mentioned George Lucas suing anime movie Star Ballz, (Princess Lay Me, etc). Phil sued for “being too funny”. Robert Reid pleading innocent, too many lawyers, playing video games during dentists visits. Phil loves watching, betting, drinking, and playing cards during NFL games. Football games in the middle of snowstorms. Classic Llyod Bonafide returning power drill gift, how much money did Star Trek make, network thought The Simpsons was terd, X files blew chunks (Mulder or Muldar?). Twin Peaks, Moesha, Incredible Hulk, Fantasy Island.

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