Hour 1:

Loveline with Chris Norton: Chris gives sex advice to listeners. Herman Edwards goes to the K.C.Chiefs. Phil reads some e-mail and reviews the 10 Wildest Plays in NFL History.

Hour 2:

Gay man and gay journalist Doug Danger claims that the “Chronicles of Narnia” is a threat to viewers because it is Pro-Christian.

Hour 3:

Lloyd Bonafide calls in offended by something he heard on the program. Phil reads some e-mail and talks about the death of Lou Rawls. NFL’s Wackiest Plays. Bobbie Dooley joins the program with David G. Hall and Bud Dickman. More of NFL’s wackiest plays, and Phil remembers where he was for all the Super bowls.

  • provopauly

    Here’s a fun fact. My first car was a ‘76 4 door Opel Kadett in black. What a great car.

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