Friday, January 7, 2005

Hour 1: The Skippy and Frank Show kicks off the program. Skippy and Frank call into Thai food restaurants to tell the workers that all their relatives died in the tsunami. It’s real cutting edge comedy! Then they get fired… again. Phil talks tsunami damage further and considers if a tidal wave of that magnitude would create the same destruction should it happed to LA. Bud has breaking news that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston split. Bud attempts to interview Jennifer Anniston from the bathroom at the LA Laker game. And a caller informs Phil that he’s got the rights to ‘Phil Hendrie Show’ and that Phil is breaking copyright law!

Hour 2: Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills Steakhouse joins the program to promote his dining etiquette classes. Phil tries to give one of these classes away on air, but Ted stops him due to his nervousness over letting Phil’s listeners into his restaurant. He thinks the talk radio listener is a lower class citizen, and before they can take his etiquette class, they need a remedial class on hygiene, including washing their hands after they use the toilet. Towards the end of the segment, a German woman calls in disgust; this causes Ted Bell to yodel! Show flashback of Lloyd Bonifide describing his hatred of French Poodles, and he tries to kill himself with an electric can opener.

Hour 3: Harvey Wireman hosts Senior Chat. Tonight’s discussion revolves around which odious political opinions can you get away with among your family and loved ones because you are old and feeble. Later, Little Judy Horick is on the program. She is 5-year-old girl but she sounds like a 52 year old man. Phil reads the news. David G. Hall convinces Phil to let Tsunami Sam back on the air. Bob Bakian reports some bad news.

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    HR.1 00:00 SKIPPY & FRANK
    13:00 BUD looks for Jennifer Aniston
    29:00 Visit to “The Old Barber Shop” – DAVID HALL tries to kill the bit
    34:00 RANDY calls in ‘Phil Hendrie Show’ is copyright infringment “BABA-BOOEY”
    HR.2 00:00 TED BELL
    31:00 LLOYD BONAFIDE – Flashback
    HR.3 00:00 Phil hydroplanes
    15:00 JUDY HORICK – 5 yr.old girl w/50 yr.old man’s voice “BABA-BOOEY”
    21:00 DAVID HALL insists TSUNAMI SAM back on show
    26:00 RANDY call back
    28:00 RC COLLINS – Flashback
    34:00 HAL & VIOLA

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