Ted Bell introduces the teen-aged Justin McElroy who’s written a new commercial jingle for Ted’s of Beverly Hills. Deane Wheeler is at the club rehearsing Emerelda’s number “Go With It.” He starts crying after telling Phil’s audience that he’s following everyone back on Twitter. Phil and Margaret speculate on whether or not Deane is using again. Don Micksa tells the crew not to let how funky his breath is deter them from Trump’s message on Cruz’s citizenship. The longer they fixate on that, the longer they don’t get what Trump is saying.

Episode 551 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    I just bought an annual BSP! Finally, I don’t have to feel guilty for just glomming off the free content! Anyway, it would be awesome to have a short YouTube video made narrated by the General or someone to show us knuckleheads how to get the most out of our subscription focusing especially on the TV stream. I still can get that to work. Are their ways to mirror the TV feed on a Smart TV and how.

    • Alex

      @Kevin: Chromecast works great at sending the video to your TV! It’s really cheap and useful for a whole bunch of other things too!

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    Eric Green

    All these comments and no mention of the “Rapture yard”? Holy crap Phil! I laughed so hard at that I got light headed.

  • Andrew

    Been trying to get the woman I’m dating into the Hendrie show. It’s a slow burn but we’re making progress. The other day during Chef Carl’s recipe she said Bud reading back the ingredients was ‘cute as hell’. Progress!

  • John Jimison
    John Jimison

    The whole Boyd “Sky Baby” Sweetan bit just kills me everytime.

  • justin franklin
    justin franklin

    Need to make some “BOZO PEP PILLS” t-shirts asap!!! Tagline 1- “Put ‘em in your face and kick some ass!” Tagline 2- “No one will dare call you a pussy.”

  • Avatar

    Today’s show rocked…The Margret mumble and Ted bells new jingle, hilarious!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Thank you. I liked the return to ‘there’s a guy I’m talking too over here…’

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    We love you Beatles…oh yes we dooo…

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